Robot Engineer L3

Students develop CAD skills to design a robot  which they build and take through a series of challenges.  This gives the students a prestigious CREST award and is a Level 3 course.  The engineering and programming elements are considerably enhanced in this 2 day course.

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Build like an Engineer 272w 900w" sizes="(max-width: 180px) 100vw 180px" /> Build a novel robot which can win in all the challenges.Work with other inspiring students.
image008 Develop a sense of design engineering by making robots in a CAD environment.
image009 Use high level programming to communicate with the robot. Learn RobotC which is the foundation of all serious programming. This is first year university level programming.

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Engineering LearningStudents will learn the whole design process from design, to build; to test and finally improve.  The students will learn a huge range of mechanical and control skills.

 Programming LearningStudents will learn how to control robots with multi-sensors and create a robot capable of doing a huge range of tasks.  The students will have a chance to program in RobotC; a high level language taught at university.  They will also use CAD design and simulation packages to assess their designs before building.

Age suitability:  12 to 18 years

Cost per student: £97.50 per student


This course gives the student the Level 3 certificate in robotics.   It also gives the students the ability to gain a Crest Award

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