Robot Challenge

designing robot Download documents using Firefox or Chrome

Step 1 – Introduction to the challenge

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Video for the class   Rules for Competition

Gloucester, Cheltenham & Stroud submission date 15th December 2014

Bristol submission date 15th January 2015

Oxford submission date 15th Feb 2015

Reading submission date 15th March 2015

Swindon submission date 15th April 2015


Step 2 Choosing A Rescue Problem

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Design your robot to deal with one of the following environments:

Earthquake :     earthquakes    News Video   Info Doc    Problem Sheet  Lesson Plan 1

Building Fire :  Presentation    News Video   Info Doc  Problem Sheet  Lesson Plan 1

Sea Rescue :      Presentation   News Video   Info doc  Problem Sheet  Lesson Plan 1


Step 3 Designing a Robot

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Design your robot :

Mechanical Design Presentation  Mechanical Video       Sensor Video    Robot Design    Lesson Plan 2

Extension : Basic Gears

Step 4 Learning about Flow Diagrams

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Designing a program with flows diagrams:

flow diagrams      Flow Diagrams video    lesson plan 3


Step 5 Programming a Robot in Scratch

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The challenge can be extended to do this Scratch programming.  Watch the video and then try and animate your robot.

Scratch Challenge (teacher hints to follow)

Step 6 Submission

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The best from each class participating in the challenge should be photographed and emailed to



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