Pi Engineer L3

This course involves the construction of a Quadcopter with a mounted aerial camera for surveillance.  It is a complete engineering project which under normal circumstances could take weeks to complete.  This gives the students a prestigious CREST award and is a Level 3 course over 2 days.  The engineering and programming elements are considerably enhanced in this course.

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image010 You will build this project working pairs. Your Quadcopter will take to the air and capture footage of the local area.
image011 You will learn how to build a range of projects with the exciting Raspberry Pi. You will also integrate all the sensors/motors with the computer to create an amazing machine .      
image012 You will learn the key aspects of programming with Python

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Engineering LearningStudents will learn the whole engineering process from design, to build, to test and finally improve.  The students will learn a huge range of mechanical and control skills.

 Programming LearningStudents will learn how to control a Quadcopter using Python commands and integrate this into the operation of an aerial camera.

Age suitability:  13 to 18 years

Cost per student: £97.50 per student

This course gives the student the Level 3 certificate in robotics.   It also gives the students the ability to gain a Crest Award

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