Robot Olympics L1

Register: To speak to Gabriel Kyne about the course ring 0784 1593651. See testimonials.

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This is a 1 day course designed as an introduction to robotics for  children from 9 -14 years.  Students build and program three very different robots.  They will complete team challenges such as robot football, fencing and the maze challenge.

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robot footballProgram offence and defence robots so that your team can win the football challenge. 





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image001Building and programming robotic arms is great fun; especially when you have to teach it how to fence with another robot. “Its so much fun and taught me so much about control” Jane Withers- 9 years.



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5202a1463c739.imageThe Mindstorm EV3 robots are state of the art robots which can be designed and programmed to complete any task. The challenge will require all your engineering skills, strategy and teamwork to complete.

” The robots are fantastic as you can get them to react in loads of different ways.  They have so many sensors and that gave our team a real advantage ”  Josh Hatton- 14 years old.



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 Engineering LearningStudents will learn how to build worm gears; build pivot joints; mechanical drives and gears; connect in motors; wire up circuits; use 7 different types of sensors and much more

 Programming LearningIn this course the students will learn how to control robotic arms and mobile robots using a Scratch interface which is fun and is the beginning of serious coding

Age suitability:  9 to 14

Cost per student: £46.50 per student

This course gives the student the Level 1 certificate in robotics and opens the doors to even more fun and learning

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