Extreme Robots L2

This is a 2 day course in which you solve the challenges of colonising a hostile planet.  You will learn high level techniques to enable you make your robots win through all the challenges.  This is a Level 2 course.Registration

To speak to Gabriel Kyne about the course ring 0784 1593651

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image003  Build mobile robots, lifting machines, strange animals and much more to accomplish  your  mission on a hostile planet.   


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build like an engineerYou will learn electronics, mechanics and programming to a surprisingly high level.


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image007 Work together as teams to solve the problems and compete for fun.



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Engineering LearningStudents will learn how to build worm gears; build pivot joints; mechanical drives and gears; connect in motors; wire up circuits; electronics; use 7 different types of sensors and much more.

 Programming LearningStudents will learn how to control robots with multi-sensors and create a robot capable of moving over rough terrain and picking things up.

Age suitability:  9 to 14 years

Duration :  2 day course 10am  to 4pm

Cost per student: £90 per student

Other: remember to bring a packed lunch

This course gives the student the Level 2 certificate in robotics. 


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