About CrazyTech

Crazy Tech is our after school club which has been developed to create the crazy inventors of the future.

The ethos of the club is maximum fun with maximum challenge.  For example, students will be developing robots which can throw each other out of the ring; whilst at the same time learning programming, mechanics and team work.  All the work will be based around project challenges.

The fundamental learning in the club will be around Mechanics, Programming and Electronics.  The students will learn how you can use all these elements to create weird and wonderful inventions.  The level of the training and experience will be similar to that of  an Engineering course – so be prepared for a surprise.

Some of the projects are shown below:

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probotsProject 1 – Basic Programming  – 2 weeks

This is a module focused programming robotic cars to complete challenges.  Students will have to design and program the robots around a race track.  At the end there will be a class competition.






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robotic armProject 2 – Introduction To Mechanics B – 2 weeks

We will build the more challenging LEGO WEDO kits and see how cogs and levers work to automate the designs.  There will be a class competition for the weirdest automated animal.  We will program these creatures through Scratch





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knex wheelProject 3 – Expanding Robotics C – 3 weeks

The challenge here will be to develop a Knex model fair ride which is automated, playing tunes and activating lights.






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bot120Project 4 – Build your own robot  – 3 weeks

The challenge will be to build your own explorer robot and navigate your way through a maze and pop as many balloons as you can.  The students will learn electronics, programming and all about sensors.





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turtleProject 5 – Inventor Challenge- 3 weeks

The challenge in this complex project will be create an automated underwater animal.  You will have to develop your own sensors and know how to install motors to drive the creature.  You will learn the wiring requirements and also develop your own program to drive the creature.





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flappbirdsProject 6 – Create an App Game like Flappy Birds for Android – 4 weeks

This is a classic challenge where students will learn graphics and programming which enable them to create their own app game.  This is fun for all the hard core coders.





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sumo wrestlingProject 7 – Create a Sumo Wrestling Robot – 3 weeks

This is a classic project where students have to design and create their own SUMO fighting robot.  They then have to push their opponent out of the ring using their programming skills and weapons.






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adventuregameProject 8 – Scratch Tomb Raider Game

In this section you will learn how to create a scratch tomb raider game.  You will program your own and publish it to the web where it will be enjoyed by millions of your followers.



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